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The Best Small Rodents to Have as Pets


Not everyone is comfortable having a big pet in their home. Some people just want a little animal they can touch and care for without having it run up and down the house. This is the reason why some people opt for small rodents as pet.

The family of small rodents that can be used as pets include rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils. These animals can easily be purchased from pet stores and they have been a favorite for many young children over the years. While all these creatures are rodents, their care needs vary, their social interaction qualities vary, and they also possess different qualities as pet.

The comparisons featured in this article will help you choose which of these rodents best suit you.

1Keeping a hamster as pet

Golden or Syrian hamster live about two or three years on average and adult hamsters grow to become about six inches in length. Hamsters are typically solitary animals and they should be allowed to be themselves in a spacious cage. The basic minimum cage size for an hamsters should be between 12 to 18 inches and also 12 inches tall. However, because hamsters can be very active, it would be best to make provision for a bigger cage because the bigger, the better.

If you handle a Syrian hamster from babyhood, it is most likely to have a very agreeable temperament. However, if you do not handle your hamster much it may grow up to become defensive and ditch out a pretty painful bite. Hamsters are also naturally nocturnal so it could be difficult to get them to be active during the day and they can become grumpy if you wake Them up.

Hamsters are very fragile because they are small animals so it is vital that wish children are having fun with them, they are been watched and play activities should be done on the floor. The best part however is that hamsters make a wonderful beginner’s pet and they are widely available in pet stores. Plus, you do not need to have more than one hamster to keep them happy and active majorly because hamsters are solitary animals ( except for a particular kind of dwarf hamster that can be social sometimes with other dwarf hamsters).